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Hi,I'm a rapper named UNKNØWN or GoldnKing call me whatever lol,anyway,I do not think I make the best songs,*BUT*,I make Drill songs,and sometimes good songs⚠😤UNKNØWN KILLIN' IT YO😤⚠Use🎧hEaDpHoNeS🎧to hear my shit better (Also Yes I am NOT family friendly)We say (Ø)not (O)around here💀WE JUST HIT 2.K PLAYS!!THANK YOU ALL SOOO MUCH FOR THE SUPPORT🔥Advise giver😂Track supporter (I like songs if u tell me comment on them etc)professional fOrTnUt player😂AAAAANNNND (ePiC)yOuNg rApPeR.____. "If you respect me,I respect you"Keep that in mind😤...yes.yes we.WE FUXCKING HIT 200 FOLLOWEEEEERS!😲THX for a the support u r the best!《__》✨Taken by a quenn✨ Tik Tok: @callmepsycho.999 Snap: @sus_hamster420 Btw if u wanna listen to my favourite songs check my playlists and who knows maybe ill drop a 10/15 song album this summer👀 "If I cant make people smile,I'm gonna make them cry" -Unknown "Death isnt just an escape from depression,it can also be used to cure others' " - Unknown "Rap lyrics arent fake,those are the words we think about in our brain and would kill just to make them become true words" - Unknown

Life is Pointless