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God Fearing, Husband, father, #CONVICT, blue collar skilled worker. #Lyrical #storyteller, #pureheart, bars for days, structure, conscious, well aware of reality and the trickery of illusion, spittin Truth for everybody. (Light In Time Walk In The Truth Yo) AKA Truths Ambassador, ASTRO Boy, D.S.W.I.T.T., SuprKrakrDave. 5 STAR #GENERAL #SUPREME, #3RDEYEMONSTER. #NEUTRONKING. More than a concurer. Understanding of the deepest. Love unconditional, worldwide.--------------------‐- ------------I don't play Bro! We can all make it, we can all eat, God loves us all equally. We all talk alot of shit in our music and we all have done and are all capable of doing pretty horrific things. I was raised in the lower income predominately black neighborhoods and I trapped and sold dope and all that shit and I respect hip hop and its roots and I am all for keeping the culture alive and breathing however I am doing my best to stay out the streets. Lots of the things we have done in those streets landed us in prison or jail or sleeping with one eye open. We are greatful to be alive, to be able to share and express our thoughts, heart, emotions, and feelings on the mic. it's 2021. I don't wanna be Dolph or his assailant right now or ever. Do U? Our goal is to LIVE and be FREE. fuck hate, fuck envy, fuck anything that's against any one of us being ALIVE and FREE, and fuck anyone who against that. We can embrace the hiphop culture and teach the kids to spit bullets not shoot em, get high on life not drugs. We can share our truth in a way that will allow them to differentiate between our past and our now and our stories on track can be real and we can thugg out and we can be true to self and hip hop while also mentoring and leading the youth down a better path than we took. THE HATES PLAYED OUT AND THE GREENS NOT MONEY! #Unity #freedom #litwitty #TruthsAmbassador #Panamacitysfinest #850standup #PullUpMuZik #FUCKTHECAPRAPPINSPEAKYOURTRUTH #FUCKTHESHADEVOTES #FUCKTHEFAKES


End-Dependence 07/??/22 🤯🔥💯