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Lil Mac 🍔🇨🇦



I’m good with some fries and a shake I DON’T DO PUBLIC BEEFS 🚫🥩 if you got a problem with me hmu in the dm’s and we can squash that shit in private. You can diss me if you want but I ain’t ever gon respond, imo just a waste of my artistic energy 🤣🫡 Just tryna get my music in the ears of people who can connect with it 👂 🎶 If you think I judged your track to quick, I’m sorry but 90% of the time that’s cuz that’s all I could take. Usually I’m willing to listen to as much as you are as long as it’s decent 🥶😂 From the North 🇨🇦 🔥 If you just out here for some 15 second view I ain’t gonna give much love, but take a listen to the track and let’s get better at this shi together If you fast forward my shit it’s up 😈👺 I’m down for collabs with ppl I vibe with but if y’all rush me imma dip 😡 Got a lot of requests for collabs though so no more free verses, hmu for prices. Select few will still get free collabs and y’all know who you are. Love my fiancé 🔒 🫀 👻✍️= $10/verse Gonna get the cold emotions from me 🥶 I ain’t stunting, everything I say comin from experience. Need a producer, you think I’d suit your beats hmu and let’s start that relationship. 2023 taking this shit seriously, trying to demo songs weekly and have a mixtape drop on Spotify by end of the year 🔥 you want in lmk. Hmu for a collab.