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The studio is my trap spot and when you turn the Beat on,the stove is on and I’m the kilo..THIS IS NOT A HOBBY,I take this shit serious but still have fun with it….. I don’t think im better than u,but I’m better than u ya get me.I got gas like I’m lactose intolerant,lost my RAPGINITY(wrote my first rap) at 9 years old….fun fact,when I was 18 I counted all my music material I did up to that age and I got 1400 full songs written and 4200 hooks..this ain’t a perpetrated fact neither i couldn’t tell u how many songs n hooks n verses I got now but everyday I write,when I’m on my lunch break at work I write,I literally have boxes of raps…..I love this shit ,and this is my lane, no merging. #diamondlane