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#DDR Hits👈#LegendaryRebel #RebelResistance #BootedOut #OMBB #1stRapFameLegend - Dollaman Da Rebel a.k.a (D.D.R.)…. I have 3 Albums out now “Rap Fame Legend 2”, “The Rebel Way” & “Harlem’s Underdog” on every major streaming platform so Check Them Out! S/O to all my true supporters 💯…To all my true haters please keep hatin…. Underdog or Top Dog??? Overrated or Underrated??? Regardless to what anyone think, I’m always myself!!! I’m a Rebel to the core Shining bright in my lane…. I’m a True Rap Fame Legend and a Hall Of Famer…. Whenever y’all got time check out why I’m A Hall Of Famer and listen to my catalog….. also I’m only here for the plays but vote if you like it!!! So please don’t vote on any of my tracks just to get a vote back I give real feedback and vote if I feel the artist deserve it… If you want my opinion just Dm the hashtag…


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