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Hi šŸŒŸ's This is L2d the MC - Microphone Controller Not just a Rap Artist -( L1NK3D2D1V1N3 ) I Will Be Going Platinum Very Soon - I Have the Flow the Skills and I am Constantly Getting Better So Please Show some Love Tell me what you Honestly Think šŸ’Æ - I Mostly Freestyle I rarely Write but will start Writing again ASAP šŸ˜‰. ALSO- I am Spiritually and Physically Linked (YouCannotSeeIt) to Powerful Things in This Galaxy Plus Others... I Know I may Sound Crazy But Really I'm Super Smart... Hit my Line if you Want to Collab or You Make Super Sick Instrumentals! šŸ˜€ Thanks a Milli Everyone !!! YOU ALL ARE THE BEST !!! HAVE A WONDERFUL 2023 !!! MUCH LOVE AND RESPECT šŸ™ ā¤ļø! Ps. I Have Been Rapping My Whole Life Look Up L1L N1NJA on MySpace Music ! THATS ME !!! I Made those Songs on a $1800 Mic when I was Like 18 ! Please Check it out, For some reason I can't download them ...


United States, California