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Smitt, real name Kent Smith, is an American hip hop artist from Queens, New York. He seeks to connect with his listeners through writing about his experiences and the battles he has faced in his life, and believes in being creative as a way of life even outside music. Smitt grew up in New York and has been making music for twenty plus years, inspired by his father and uncle, who were DJs. Besides the biggest names in hip hop, naming The Notorious B.I.G., Nas, 2Pac, and Mos Def among his favorites, Smitt is also inspired by R&B, and his musical eclecticism extends to the Bee Gees as well. Smitt was featured as a top indie artist in XXL magazine during a stint in Hawaii. He feels that music is an inseparable part of himself, and aspires to make music that is true to his beliefs and relatable to his listeners. He is at the foothill of his career; Co owner and signed to New Era Money Makin 4g's Music, he plans to bring on his A-game as part of a new era of his musical output.

Queens, New York