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NakedEyes #KGBish



Don't hate me because I'm fine.. I'm fine because i don't hate you.. I'm Naked Eyes, KinkyGangsta Bish KGBish aka Coco Jauna aka Dana. I'm really not a rapper. I am a writer, a rider, a soul survivor. I'm a hustle game supporter, here repping my niggah @sulfurthng Th1ngKh1ngDav1d aka Sulfur. Id like to present, a sexy and sophisticated hood rant. ASHEY BROWN AND THE 7 DUCKS. WE ARE ART COLLECTIVE, FELLOW MENTALIST. WE do battle raps to test THY skill Neva no beef Кιикι кιикιєя Bad luck mud duck heart Robin long leashed Queen I can be your bitch for a day for an hour or a week I'm the oldest bitch I cost the most I'm an antique in this boutique you may not have enough game to recognize my game don't get it twisted on the misfitted mistress Pro Dom lifestyle switch I'm a complicated bitch usually I'm mellow but I'm down to trip you will know member where's your membership Jus anotha Kinky Gansta Bish Peace 🤝🙈🙉🙊 No beef. PS no BS I stick to dah script I record and mix my own shit! Moral Loyal Royal

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