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Efrain Lorenzo



Well peers not going to write much cuz know they saying it doesn't work please rap fame wonderful app slot of weird crazy things r happening to me on this app I don't know if by it's as mal function but please it's getting stress ful I am m on cancer medications just gave a speech of how good this is to do it over please let this in I take steroids 4 my cancer which gets me upset I don't like taking it out on nobody but lately wow let me try this again we'll peers humble guy not humble when they try to abuse IAM real humble good listener but IAM a person that is going to hit 7 feet under soon trying not to stress in a crew that me & my creator but together cross of redemption it was the same way but better than a crew we broke up cuz of one person know we got cross of redemption best no stress we support each other no disrespecting I go by the real king BABYOUTLAW THE ORIGINAL 730'SCREW DIRTY 730'S & MANY MORE I TOOK UP BEFORE I GT INTO SOME TROUBLE BEEN HERE VERY LONG WHEN RAP FAME ONLY HAD EQUILIZER IN& REVERB REMEMBER THAT I WELCOME YA COME THROW A REQUEST GET READY TOO SHINE STRESS FREE