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Check me out on my Spotify!! Hey! Im J. I’m kind of a big deal and I’m kinda better than you😉🤘🔥 Youngest Multi-Award winning rapper in RapFame history🏆 Youngest Winner of Best Lyricist in RapFame History (20)✍️😤 HALL OF FAME IS NEXT BABY🗣️🔥 Award Wins🏆: Best Lyricist 2023 ✍️🔥 Best Collab 2023 (From The Bottom Remix ft. Stu)😤🤘🔥 2023 Award Nominations: Man Of The Year Best Lyricist ROTY Best Contest Entry (John Wick) Crew of the Year (Admin of Heavy Hittas) 🍾🎉 Lyrical Insanity😈🤘🔥 Future Hall Of Famer🤘🔥👑 The Minnesota Kid🥶❄️ One of the best Lyricists on the app, hands down 🤘🔥 A 20 year old with something to prove😤🤘 A lyricist with a modern sound, and one of rapfame’s most acclaimed names🏆🤩 Contest TOP 10s 1st: No Mercy (Just Ruthless) $500 1st: All The Smoke (John Wick) $500 1st: On The Low $500 1st: Night Vision (Rell Money Million Ft. J.) $500 1st: Fresh (Keep It Fresh Ft. J.) $500 1st: Rebel Talk (Advance) $300 2nd: Take Over $200 2nd: Glory (Hall Of Fame) $200 2nd: Space (To The Moon) $200 3rd: Money Talks (Money Speaks ft John Stoney) $100 3rd: Night Vision (Darkness) $100 3rd: Underrated $100 4th: Front Page News (NEWS!) $100 5th: On Point $100 5th: Night Vision (as a ft) $100 5th: Shadows (In The Shadows, as a Ft) $100 5th: Best Friends (as a Ft) $100 5th: Look At My Wrist (With Cande) $100 6th: Space (Shrooms In Space ft J.) 7th: My Queen (You) 7th: Prayer (Pray For Me w/ SoloKa$h and J.O.Z.) And probably more I forgot😂 8x POTW selection (including tracks I ft. on) More to come.. IN ORDER TO COLLAB YOU MUST MAKE HIGH QUALITY MUSIC 🎶 PRICES FOR COLLABS (Bandlab Only): Mix: $25 Verses (prices vary depending on length): $50-$100 Hooks: $75 Hook and Verse: $120-$170 Exceptions will be made for crew members, friends, and artists whom possess talent that I admire Payment accepted ONLY through my Cashapp listed below $JustJFC@


The Minnesota Kid🥶