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I’m a Ol’SkooL Rottwild’n’Pitt. A Beast Born on the East. Who grew Up with West Coast Ways. Out of The HarboR.Area.1CaRSoN.1 🤙🏼Love & Loyalty through Good & Bad Always gonna B “Homies4Life⚜️La’Familia4Ever.1” When Fools step wid Stupid ways at me & Mine’z.... I Suggest 2 them=One should Tread Lightly or Forget about it. Besides Having Fun & Smiling feels a lot better den playing a F🖕🏼CK game of Chess. But don’t get it Twisted I’m Ol’SkooL FooL with Ol’SkooL Ways. Been There Done That=Learned to do That There is best done.🤫..Anyways I’m here to have Fun 😊This is a Loving Hobby for me A Great way to ease my Mind, Let Loose steam. And just B Me🤪🤙🏼😉🐼