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I'm a serious artist who has been humbled through life experience. It's my mission to cultivate the artistry and talent of novice artists. My expertise includes vocal production, music production, mixing and mastering. I was raised on good music. I know what it sounds and feels like because I love it. I'm from Detroit and grew up on the Motown sound. My grandmother lived with and worked for Smokey Robinson. My older siblings grew up with his children. My childhood home was always filled with good music. I began rapping and performing at five years old. I would freestyle because I didn't know how to write yet. My youngest sister would write my words down. One of my older sisters is the one person who actually inspired me to rap. I began recording by the time I was 11. Eventually I immersed myself in the Detroit rap and music scene. I lived briefly with Proof of D12 and J Electronica with whom I would eventually collaborate musically. By the age of 23 i was an intern at Dallas Austin Recording Products in Atlanta where I learned to produce. It was there that I was able to collaborate with noteable hip-hop artists Big Gip from Goodie Mob, Andre 3000 from Outkast, Kool Ace and many more. I also collaborated with well known Detroit artists Trump Tight, Street Lord's, the Eastside Chedda Boys, Almighty Dreadnaughtz, and Lazy Genius with whom i still vibe with as of late. By the winter of 2000 I was in New Jersey with D Moet recording a demo that industry A&R's went crazy over. I was offered a number of deals but was forced to decline the offers. I am now and have always been a political soldier. I have connections worldwide and have ghost written for countless artists in r&b, gangsta rap and hip-hop. I've got skin in the game. I accept donations and payment for services via cashapp at $Thr33sixty. #godgottem

The City of the Mitten "Detroit" (Planet of the Great lakes)