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J...C #Jcmusic



J.C here! If you need help writing hit me up! Ghostwriting $5 Verse $10 Hook $10 My bars may seem simple at times but sometimes they're way more deeper than you realize! I have a youtube y'all should check out, I do music for fun but I really do enjoy it!! 🎶🔥💯 Like whatcha hear hit that thumbs up for me, I’m on all platforms my album “My Demons” is out and it’s got dope storytelling vibes to it, follow, like comment whatever you’ll like to do let’s make some music!! I have 6 Feats! #fade One on another page with one dope artist , peace I'm gone!! #JCmusic I have another album in the works along with a collab album with the homie @julioaldama it will be one amazing album you guys stay tune and check him out! It’s gonna be a fire year! And ps don’t sweat if you don’t make a Ft you can have the hottest song and if they don’t know you they won’t bother, keep pushing your music this is just an app, your music defines you keep being you fuck this app!