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I'm a writer at heart, even though I've never published any books.I have an obsession for words and storytelling. A I is a big part of why I feel I can write anything. I don't use it to write my songs. I use it for spell check because I am not a spelling bee enthusiast. I personally am not a rapper. I dabble into wordsmith because I like the challenge of piecing words together and creating images that aren't apparently supposed to yet somehow make it work. In actuality, I never knew of this app. I stumbled upon it, and I started using the beats to make every song you hear in this format. Every song you hear is original, and they are not songs I wrote years ago, and I'm bringing them out now that's not the case. I've thought of and written these songs all of them in the last month. Honestly, it takes me on average about 3 to 4 hours to write and record these songs. For some reason, it comes easy to me. One other thing I don't have a studio. I've done these songs on my smartphone. So there you have it. 5 weeks, and here we are. In the future, I'll prove to those who disconnect while judging my song that I'm not no writha hit when it comes to rap. I just stay in my lane. To be honest, I would embarrassed them if it came down to it. I shall not get into get into beef with people here, I work off of trying to make my next song my best song.

United States, North Carolina