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Aiii Yal So I Grew Up In A Small Town Called Picton,Ontario,Canada !! Got Into The Rap Scene About 12 Yrs Ago Started Out As A Freestyler Just Spittin Random Barz To My Friends And Battling Any Chance I Could Get.... Parties,Clubs,Etc.. After Awhile Few Yrs Of That I Got My Studio And Started Writing Relentlessly Killing Tracks An Recording Did Few Shows/Concerts Here "n" There Then Eventually Moved To The Big Big City Of Toronto,Ontario,Canada .. And From There Is When My Rap Status Really Started To Take Off And Getting Noticed :) ALL I CAN SAY IS THAT I AM A UNIQUE ARTIST CAN FLOW/RHYME TO ANY ANY BEAT/INSTRUMENTAL AND THAT NOBODY IN THE INDUSTRY (MAINSTREAM OR UNDERGROUND) SOUNDS LIKE ME OR EVEN HAS MY STYLE FANS AND PEOPLE HAVE TOLD ME THIS ON MANY MANY DIFFERENT OCCASIONS SO THAT IN IT'SELF IS AN HAS TO BE A VERY VERY POSITIVE TINGG I'M VERY VERY BLESSED TO HAVE THIS ABILITY TO SHARE WIT THE WORLD ... YOUR BOII ONE "N" ONLY .............🍁☆IllesTMarX aka Illii-MarX aka Da-ConfidentWun☆🍁

The West Coast Mafia

Canada, Toronto