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FeAtha LeE😁💕🤟🏽



Follow Me On Instagram😁💕 My Apologies I will be On & Off RF Featha Lee makin moves Working On The Album/ While BOOTYCHIN MAFIA SCARED TO SEND ME DA BATTLE🤟🏽 Performing Live 🤩Summer Live Performances 🔥 FEATHA LEE IN YO CITY😁🤟🏽💯Wassup California Arizona Texas Atlanta New York Etc...Look Out For my Show Dates & Times 🎯come through 🤟🏽💯🤩 If U say my name in your song -Thx for the Love😁🤩💕💯 (unless you really just Diss the f*ck outta me😂) I love and support everyone 😁💯 Haters mad at that🥴😁🤟🏽💯 I WIN REGARDLESS 💪🏽💯🎯😍 Haters welcome to come to my shows Keep it cute or I will beat yo ass 💯🎯


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