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@rapfame_official I'm in prison been bidding for 7yrs come home next year✊🏿⏬ GBI_G3ORGIA BØI INCØRPØRAT3D🤷🏿Real kuntry nigga🤠 been doing musik 🎙🎸📀for20+ yrs choice of rap🤔 freestyle💯💨 but i can write as well🔥🏷🏄🏿‍♀✅ the reason my audio and recording sounds 🎙🎧🎶the way it does is because im locked up thug in da Kan💯 but ovrstand when i touchdown👣 next year i got dis📀🏷Diamonds are created when pressure is applied properly🤙🏿_never dwell on anything that don't bring meaning to your life💯_what may be a test can easily become a meaningful testimony🗣_acknowledge the small blessings❤💯🤙🏿👌🏿 and distain the things that hinder and stagnant your elevation 🖕🏿_and never love someone more than u love yourself🌪_self love is the best love💯_overstand that no one is responsible for your happiness🤷🏿‍♂ _and everyone at the end of the day⏳ are just trying to love live life proceed and progress_find Y.O.U.(YOUR OWN UNIQUENESS)_🎯🤟🏿❤🤙🏿 #factzoflife‍♂🎸Lyrical🎙 Savages🤙🏿NøløV🤷🏿‍♂JUST LYRICISM🌪💨✅

Cordele Georgia