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Www.BrowHard.comPeace Rap Fame emcee's!!! This is H-A-M reppin for my IT folks. I only seek to Hustle and Motivate others to incorporate intricate rhymes to make the listener think. Trying to bring my experience from IT to the rhyme form. Peace to everybody who stops by and plays my songs. Note: CAN YALL HELP ME OUT AND LOWER THE CURSES??? JUST A LITTLE BIT??? MAYBE TALK ABOUT THE OTHER ASPECTS OF YOUR LIVES BESIDES KILLING AND DRUG DEALING??? Aint nothing wrong with rhyming life situations, but keep in mind what we put out may effect our environment. BrowHard County is the mental, and I know it's hard to understand some of my rhymes (tech acronyms, etc.) but that's the point. To decipher the messages for your self improvement is one of my main goals as an emcee. P.e.a.c.e student/teachers and DM if you have any questions 🤓. Email: New site up for additional about the Hip Hop coming from BrowHard Creative Solutions LLC. Peace ✌️

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