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Joseph Geezy Gee Guerra



Firstly and foremostly I want to personally Thank the 1s who find a relation between my music and themselves,Big ups to everyone speaking their own truth,remember practice makes perfect so let's continue to motivate and appreciate the next person on here doing their thang!I show love wer loves given and Give Respect wer it's Given!Believe in your Truth because your truth may not be for everybody but remember there's always going to be someone you touch in some unique way and as long as ur music can do something for at least 1 person then it's a SUCCESS..Never Give up.Sharpen your double edge sword and execute better than tha last one!I am a Barber and Enjoy freestylin to beats as soon as I hear some I like I just take off until the beat tap out but My music Not perfect,perfect, admit that but the flaws are what make some tracks unique.I just observe and learn and make the best of this here.THANK YOU ALL TO THE ONES WHO REALLY ENJOY MY MUSIC ITS VERY MUCH APPRECIATED!APPRECIATED,GOD IS GOOD ALWAYS.GOD BLESS.2 blessed 2 b stressed!AMEN

Stuck in Da Gutta!

San Antonio Texas