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THE GRINCH (🚫ban on chats) (🚫ban on chats)




Banned . Can't chat. So speak for me. Artwork and drawings done by me inbox for ingruies -Grinch . . The crew Is Numba1. I be the Front Runner . Neal the Boss. CUTTER hold us up and chop and i kill all opps. I I. The whole crew follow suit got the hitters too kill on Demand it don't matter we all follow suit. Banned so from the chat so speak for me I speak in tounge light showdows I see everything. I speak in my tracks listen closely. Numba 1 over everything. Reverse numbers everything equals Number 1. Moonlight we got this I'm locked in .


Ban till 31 Aug 2022 20:06:00 UTC. Spamming pubic chat