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RNGrecords. Yo Boy Cal. Top Artist And promoter. Donald graphics Business partner Music Cover And Designer YOngLover missing artist. This label only make full albums from now on with or without the Crown package. That means street mixtapes and industry music. Whole Street mix 12:songs Industry Music 20 songs. We are above average hip hop. If you choose to make a whole lot of killing music you will promote that yourself. If you choose to make Koby Briant and Michael Jordan shooting free throws music you will promote that yourself. Be sure to name your playlist after the record you're putting out. If you're a solo Artist Stay solo we do not duet with outsiders. You may like their music and comment positive only. Rules of engagement. Number 1 No kids are allowed to judge anything art work. Not sure if it's a kid check the profile. Number 2. If you choose to battle rap and lose this label does not support. Number 3. It's okay to make love songs everyone has been heartbroken just don't live in the past. Final Rule You don't have wait on your crew to like your music. Send it to hot and grow. Be sure to keep judges scores 9s And 10s only that keeps you on the board. Accepting Divas Artist And Singers. #Rap #hiphop #RiseAndGrindRecors #Music #Diva #twistedtelevison #Skyblueent #multitv #Brokenfilmsproductions #RapFame. Welcome To RNGrecords ✍️📀📀📀📀📀📀💿💿💿💿💿🖥️🖥️💻💻💻💸💵💵💵📲📲📲

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