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My Name is Brian Emerson Brown I've always bin a writer and got in to rap only 2 years ago I found this app when my bestfriend and my sister both passed away on the same month and my sis and I were beefing last words I said 2 her were pretty hard to live with now but life is short and so many have fallen but I'm still here in the struggle you could have all the money in the world and still not be happy look at Robin Williams rite!!! I do this shyt for my self 💯 to ease my mind cuz honestly if it wasn't for this app and a new vision I'm not sure where I'd be prolly dead or doing life by now , New love new goals new dreams and it's hard 2 keep up with cuz I'm so use to not trusting a soul but REAL People know that same struggle Family 1st and friends are Fam Shout out to EBG LIGHTSHOW - RAP FAME'S MOST WANTED THIS IS MY CREW AND WE ARE FAMILY LUV ❤️ AND RESPECT 🙏 🎶 FOR LIFE AND THANK YOU RAP FAME FOR THE GIFT I NEVER THOUGHT I HAD IN ME 💯 💶