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Emmy B'z🇨🇦



What's up all I am glad you found this app and I hope that it makes a difference for all of you who really feel it. Music has always been my go 2 for all emotions and things in life. It's been quite the struggle last couple years of losing ppl to Addictions, Homicides, Prisons, Iam proud to say that since I had 1st came on to the Rapfame App I've came quite along wayz. I was blessed to be apart of THE RAP FAMES MOST WANTED who reached #1 many times and we stayed top 5 for almost a year straight. I Don't think I would have progressed if it wasn't for the Legendary EBG LIGHTSHOW who helped me believe more in myself and as an Artist. Now I have 450 tracks and to be honest I know I'm not Dex or Clayz or EBG but I know with proper gear and mixing I have some talent I don't hate on anyone but if it comes my way well I ain't gonna backdown throughout all I've lost in these past couple years my sister, my Father ,2 of my top 5 day 1s , one murdered.... That list is never ending almost got me shook to answer that call so I don't answer my phone much these days...I do this for myself to maintain and cope with the things life throws at you. We ain't gonna live Forever and you just don't know when your time comes and you can't take nothing with you when that time comes. I do my music some with a deep meaning some with the flow of the beat. Most is freestyle of the dome. I've had lot of ppl message me reaching out because they relate and that tells me I'm not Alone. You could have all the money and fame in the world but that is only temporary. Thank you all who vibe with me even some not so positive artists who I've had words with in the past I hold no grudge. #TheRapFamesMostWanted never dies. #HuskyMusic family #TheRapFamesApp #This is a family were all here for a reason stay Blessed and go git it never give up! #Rapfame #HipHop #2024 #Strong