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I'm a Musician, Songwriter, Backtrack Maker, Musical Track Engineer, #USTCREWLYRICALQUEEN #USTCREW Owner of INSIDE PARADOX Band, PARALLEL SIDES, is my public Domain URL. I have been singing and playing music and creating music since I was 7 years old. Played and owned my first piano and acoustic guitar at the age of 10 years old. I have written as of now over 1,000 plus lyrics and songs this year of all styles. I'm 45 years old and streaming my first album called ILLUSIONS Album, coming out on ALL music streaming platforms mid December January the latest. My first album will have a variety of my music where I am singing the songs I wrote this past month, sorry no rap music in this album. I will be streaming my second album called JOURNEYS in Feb of 2022. I have about 29 albums of different styles of my music and I will be popping them out one after the other. I am a born storyteller, music for me and the lyrics just come out of me like feelings and emotions that we all share each day. Anger, sadness, loss, shame, racial prejudice, etc. I love to create music i was born with it in my blood. Now I'm cutting my first album called ILLUSIONS coming out mid December January the latest. Steaming on every single music platform that's available hope you like it i worked very hard on this one. And the next 10 albums are already lined up to go woohoo! ElizabethEvangeliumMusicProductions@Bandcamp.com Evangelium Music Productions LLC © owner copyrighted Music Pr