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Doktor Gonzo



Yo, Rap Fame Family my birth name is Daniel, but I have had a few nicknames over the years and Doktor Gonzo has been my longest and most current handle on RF even though it is a hold-over from my bohemian college days. Although I am an under-developed hip hop/rap artist, I have been involved in the music and film Industry since graduating from SFSU. I have only been on Rap Fame a few months and I am only a fledling Hip Hop contributor. My background is more with R&B, Classic and Alternative rock music. I consider myself a multimedia Renaissance man; and for my day job I create large metal sculpture and kinetic art. For my night life I play/write music, poetry, and screenplays. So with all that said, I am NOT a rapper and I am NOT going to be battling until I become less self-conscious and more experienced on hip hop and rap. I am going to be a collaborator, ghostwriter/lyricist, producer, recording engineer, and session musician. I will be open to conversation, suggestions, and collaboration. Until we meet again, Peace! Dr. Gonzo

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