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I represent all slept on talented artist of all kind. 💯! Those who think this app or any app cares about there users. STOP! Stand back and take a look at the big picture. You will see..... Artist that are boosted into the spot light to be used for problisity. They still have only average talent and 0% of what they need to be successful. ITS OK TO USE THESE SOCIAL PLATFORMS. Save you money though. Invest in you own talent. Who haveyou ever known to become famous on RapFame? APP FAME IS ALL THEY WILL EVER HAVE! To sign a record dill there are contract obligations and strict stipulations. TRUST! RapFame, not on those contracts. Free agent. Dave Pierce aka "DaveFromDaA" 38 years old from Atlanta, Georgia with over 20 years experience song writing and freestyle. 10 years mixing and mastering. Learning beatmaking " Akai Mpk mini 3 ". "Great addition to your crew!" Check out my tracks and let me know. MESSAGES RELEVANT TO MUSIC ONLY! Non relevant comments and messages are blocked.