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Cre Ole



20/Male 07/02/004 Haitian 🇭🇹 🐐 $25 for features (Free for crew members, friends and old acquaintances) Trained Sound Engineer Intern & College Student $20 for mixing/Master on a proper studio software like Ableton Live (Free for crew members, friends and old acquaintances) $5 on Bandlab. I am a full-time college student pursuing a digital music degree, freshman year, 19 years old going into my second semester. I have some experience in sound engineering, I’ve worked as a paid intern at an internship program 2x where I’ve done studio work on Ableton Live. I consider myself semi-professional being between an amateur and a professional. I have experience in show performing 2x at the internship I’ve worked at where I was trained to develop my sound engineering technicality under the guidance of an industry professional DJ/Sound Engineer. Currently I have 3 years experience in engineering on the Bandlab software/application but I can also engineer on Ableton Live. Soon I will be engineering on FL studios.