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Call Yourself The G.O.A.T All You Want 🐐 Beause I'm The B.O.A.T 🛥 The Best Of All Time Because I Always Stay A float 🚢 I'm Different 🖖👽 My Name Is CjThePoetKing 🤴 A.K.A The Sensei Of WordPlay 🥋 A.K.A The Tycoon Of Poon 👨‍💼 A.K.A Cj Nicka Droppa A.K.A Wise Wan 🦉 ⬇️ A.K.A Stretchy Johnson 🌭 A.K.A Your Mom's Favorite Rapper 👵A.K.A Vanilla Face 🙋‍♂️ A.K.A Nok Su Kow 👊 A.K.A King Cracka🤴 It's Never Too Late To Accomplish Your Dreams 🎵📷🎥 Surround Yourself With People Who Are Positive 👏 And Supportive 🤝 The Possibilities Are Endless💯 🤯 New Tracks And Videos Up Now On My YouTube Page! 🎤🎶 Click The Little YouTube Button At The Top Right Of This Page 🔝Like And Subscribe For Royal Content 👑 I'll Follow You Back 💯 🤴 🧤🔪🎤 Don't Take My Kindness For Weakness 😤 Get Smoked Easy💨 Knowledge Is Power 💪 Exercise Your Brain 🤯 #CjTopGun 👈🤴#PoeticCrow 📝 🏴‍☠️ #DeathSquadRecords 💀📀 Find My Collabs Here #CjCollabs 🧔👱‍♀️ Click This Link For All My Featured Tracks 👉 🏆 #CjFeature 🏆

💨Kush Kingdom🏰