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Carlos Lopez:big trap



There's no legal way to get over on me ya dig,I do register everything on my page be ready.HAVE your LLC legal lisence for your work don't play with me.I love this app the people the vibes and there's nothing like getting honest opinion instead of walking around trying to get people to listen on the streets,I do copyright my work but definitely (don't steal beat's) or lyrics from anyone in the app I just respect , I compose and write my own work,I'm friendly unless you approach me in the wrong manner,.I'm sirouse about my work and look forward to listening to my own music on a radio station.i don't want to be a lengand I need love and support now.i think there is potential out there I can't take anyone's dream's but I can explain mine in a good way fuck with any vibe,be yourself. Support and comment for support like views give your opinion we're never offended by simple comments #

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