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Nalishebo Brian Nyambe



Am working hard to get back on my feet,I need someone to mange me,I have no idea what am doing. Music is my escape every thing I sing I don't write...its straight from my heart.. am so broken ,suicide is not the way out...I I went from being on America's next top model to domestic violence for 8years ,God blessed me with 3 kids 2girls 1 boy and this mad molested my daughter, his own flesh and blood, now the state took my kids and the panic hit took my job and everything I worked so hard to fighting everyday to get my kids back 💔,,,,am living in a domestic violence&sexual shelter so I can heal and get back on my feet. Am from Africa I moved to America 15 years ago and ever since I lost my mom its like everything 💔 crushed..though am not the one to give up am not a victim am a survivor and am strong ❤ 💜 🙏 I know I got this and God knows the plans he has fir me. Amnot giving music tells my story don't mind the broken English I learned English in America my tongue is twisted I speak 9 other languages though....I am accepting donations for my babies and I so I can get back my sawing machine am a tailor and that's how I made money but lost everything to domestic violence&sexual assault. Thanks. And ask me anything am not ashamed to share anymore my history made me who I am today. $nyambe28 or $signature1380 anything counts. Stay blessed 🙌 if you would like to see my achievements am on Google NALISHEBO NYAMBE I made the front page in 2013 auditioning for America's next top model 😉

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