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I have always loved music it helps me relax. Relate to certain issues through song and lyrics that help release!.. Types of music classical music, if u want I'll jam it with you!! IF U WANNA rock it. I'M DOWN I GOT YA! If u wanna drink and even jump to country and ill go off up in that Lifted chevy truck and singing my heart out!! Im very country raised in the sticks! You can even get on ur turn tables move into a gangster rap. This white girl will flow and beat box u till we SPEAK no MORE! Honestly ill jam whatever the fuck kind of music you throw at me I can get down on some headbanging mash pitts... I do it all. When I'm driving down the road old time rock n roll or alternative is the choice! but yet I want to make something of it record it, because you do forget it. Me and my homies is always used to but we never got to save it cuz my computer got jacked ALL THE FLOWMATSTER WAS ON THAT COMPUTER WE LOST HOURS OF STUDIO TIME.!! Let's collaborate let's battle hit me up lets make are self's better!

United States, Ruidoso