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Big Rich The Dreamer



B-ELIEVE A-ND M-OVE M-OUNTAINS "A coach will impact more people in 1 year, then the average person will in a lifetime" that's Billy Graham, and that statement is Is brazenly clear in my life! When Kobe died, Big Rich states "that really affected me. The fact that I had never met him in person, talked or texted him, he doesn't even know who I am lol, but yet I was crying tears like he was my family. His life Impacted me that much! Kobe was insatiable, and His feral mindset is the reason he'll be known as 1 of the greats. Kobe having that affect on me, opened my eyes to what my true calling is, and that's to impacted the lives of those all over the globe. To me that defines success. So I took two of my most passionate talents and combined them. Being heavily influenced by sports (playing or coaching) I use that talent and combine it with the delivery, and message that vibrates with love! The Dreamers music permeates the soul,mind, and heart, motivating, encouraging, and inspiring the masses, while giving them practical tools needed to succeed through the art and gift of music! Big Rich caps it off with this statement! "I'm here to spread laughter and joy, and make people dance. I'm here to influence people to dream, and to go after thier dreams, and to let nobody stop them from reaching it". That's why he's known as Big Rich-The Dreamer!