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#IMakeBangersDaily #KCMOFinest #ImHungry #IDoItForMyFamily @RapFame_ar_team Raising Star ! I'M not playing I'm back on the grind with my shit ! Come this August I'm gonna be on the map ..until then I'm perfecting my craft ! Here's a little background info! I used to rap and produce beats all the time and post my music on myspace lol ( if y'all as old as me )when starting at like age 15 or 16 till I started to get in trouble around 21 .. Just life happened and music took a side step..but now in my thirties and my kids are older and me having more time.. just be having the feeling of dabbing back in it! My influences are E-40, Lil John , Too short and Beatking .. here's my social media tabs Snapchat(BigMfnRon) FB (BigMfnRon) tick tock (BigMFNRON)

Filthy North Record's

Kansas City Mo