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Loved hip-hop since I was 10 or so and now I'm 30. Just chasing and seeing what it leads to because nothing in SW Virgina but country music really. I was raised in Jersey and lived in Richmond VA and back and forth since. Grew up in and around the birthplace of hip-hop, running the Jersey shore and Its in my Jersey bloodline. My Uncles grew up in Monmouth Co , NJ and put me on to hip-hop back in the 90's and did a few years in Northern VA where I gained the love for freestylin in groups and would pass it around with some sick spitters. Thought I would see what's possible because I have so much to get out. Most these are off the top but I'm bout to get serious. Just seeing what's up then when I get the time imma mess around with better audio and all that. Just been on here two times as of Oct. 26 so watch out for better stuff and some writtens. Bout to see if I make noise or not!!!! Like and share. All runes are mine and if I spit it I mean it. No fakes man cause I was raised in that struggle. I work hard for where I am and made it out. Now imma try and take it to new and improved levels....!!! One Love to all hip-hop heads. Just hear to listen and make music and hopefully show what I got plus some. Don't hate , Appreciate like I do. Anyone who has a passion like me for hip-hop lets do this shot, I don't really care if ya like it or not.... If so go somewhere else. Music is my drug and ill abuse it regardless of anyone's opinion. It helps me in multiple ways and Hip-Hop has always been there through everything. Keep in it 100 and always been this way. If I offend you I meant to!!!!

Wavey Ent.

United States, VA