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Ashkenazi ✡️



Listen.....cause this is what I do, this page is FILLED with 🔥, My Pen Game is official. My name is my nationality. Currently working on a collection for a mixtape, dropping snippets. Using this site to see what to keep and what to pass on. Actively looking for any dope producers, if u got heat and wanna work lmk. I AM NOT competing for rank, but if u give me a shit rating then write that I'm dope or 🔥 in the comments u will be blocked, no time for haters. I want my lyrics and my MANY deliveries to stick in ur head. It's not always what u say but how u say it! I hope to inspire others to push themselves. Remember this is ART, my sound is not for everybody.


Broward County ,Ft.Lauderdale Fl