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$geigee192 What's up rapfame. Its ya boi g$taCCzdaprodiGie a.k.a A$APgeigee itz a new year with a new form of elevation... This is real hip hop straight from the birthplace. The Bronx. NYC is my stomping grounds where I'm surrounded by legends and share blood with hall of famers from WUTANGCLAN to the ASVPMOB thus making me the prodigy of my peers and continuing the history on my own. My family goes back from Whitney Houston, ghostface, and the rest of the wu family, AsapRocky, and the AWGE family asapfoundation worldwide. Pologrounds... Orgin of the Farley and Myers family. And prodigie of the Bethea and Bennett family 1st cousins of KVNGVON(rip) yes it's a small world... Blood is thick on my side. Thanks for all the love and supper on this app keep in mind I will only post un_finished quality posted here because I own rights to my music and rap fame does not pay and currency to play or rate your music... So this is you getting to hear it first... Thanks for all your support.


United States, Harlem