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$geigee192 What's up rapfame. Its ya boi g$taCCzdaprodiGie a.k.a A$APgeigee bringing you guys a different sound and next level mindset of a trend I've founded and live through called Elevationionalhiphop... Come join my wave or stay out the way... I'm not the one to fool wit on this music app. Ive been pretty much playing around for a while so ive decided to turn it up a level. Possitive feedback keeps me motivated to keep putting down tracks for y'all so please keep feeding my ego and I wont disappoint in fact, I will elevate one song after another. Appreciate any and all the Love. Thanks to all my real ones who keep up with me. Open to do collabs and more. No freaky lol... 🥵

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United States, Harlem