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Hello my name is rickey antoin huntley jr i was born in haiti move to NY when i was young then move to Monroe NC went to the University of TENNESSEE for pre -med didnt work out cause of mom and her health problem. I also went to the University of North Carolina A&T for biology i lost her on 03/08/21 its been hard cause i lost the closest person to me in my life , I have also lost my dad and step-dad I GIVE NOTHING BUT THE GOLRY TO GOD ALMIGHTY I WOULDNT BE HERE IF IT WASN'T FOR HIM AND MY MOM I DO RAPING AND SINGING BECAUSE OF THEM. But i suffer from aggressive and obsess depression and rapid suicide thought since 9 years of age everyday is an struggle but i give thanks to GOD and my mom who's in heaven. But i love to sing and dance rap all of the dome but sooner or later im going to learn how to write songs and music for other people i love music period and dancing i can listen and enjoy about anything but i love music from the 50's,60's,70's and 80,s. The most, i guess people say i have an old spirit but i love making music that's different from other artists. You know music that wanna make you move an enjoy it and have an great dont get me wrong an lot has happen to me in life but you get to experience with everyone else who listen to my music in to but SHOUTOUT to all my fans I LOVE YOU AND SO DOES GOD I WOULDNT BE HERE IT WASNT FOR YLL SUPPORTING ME AND NEW ERA SUPER ALL STARS,The Real G.O.A. TEAM and TRUE RECORDS COLAB , AND battles are welcome im. Just trying to grown