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anyone that want to collab with the 16 bar King send them same track as you 25 for a verse 15 for a hook Welcome to real hip hop from the '90s #97HIPHOP to now true MC storytelling at it's finest fashion and the most underrated MC from the Dirty South first off here's a few Rappers an Rap Groups that influence MC SOULO GZA/Genius Wu Tang Clan Rakim KRS-ONE Big pun killer priest black thought outkast Goodie mob Scarface nwa Cypress Hill GP Wu three 6 Mafia Reverie Lauryn Hill #lyricisttongue #lyricalstory he was born and raised in United States Dirty South South Carolina hip hop artist/rapper an #storytelling he is a expert great crafty Member of (U.S.T/ULTIMATE SUPREME TEAM)and songwriter ghost writer M.C SOLO put his life Soul into music and write about life events that happened he like to make rap music and HIP HOP been rapping since 12 in the Beaufort county South Carolina City streets is where he started an mastered His craft of rap an HIP HOP his style he is a very great storyteller and lyricist tongue they own style and all around underground Hip Hop rapper up to y'all now and be sure to check out his playlist/albums (Enter The Mind of MC SOULO Greatest Hits) (The Rap Fame Story of MC SOLO)Under Earth Prophets)👑Beaufort crown👑(The legend lyricist)(Words from my Pen)Under Da Underground City(da true mc)(The South Black Sheep of HIP Hop) and many more subscribe to them if you like real hip hop there's a message an a lesson to learn in every song🗣️🎙️🎑 ✌️#MCSOULO #SC_HIPHOP #MASTERCEREMONY #MCSOLO #SCHIPHOP


843 Beaufort City South Carolina