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畝lways in bandlab if ya wana collab @madhattersqueen invite me on anything I love making music 嗯歹 I JUST WANT REAL 儭off with the rest ! Making music magically MADDXANIACZ #MADDXTEAM 荊 均 YouTube Channel up n running now plz click link n subscribe or type #MADDXQueen to find my tracks YouTube MADlove thank you for all ya support!! 休毋仗ADLOVE TO #PARADOX MADDXsupport fam!! RESPECT TO THE KING OF THIS MF APP @reaperskillz 代Zhomies NEW ZEALAND 喫 MADlove RESPECT @Tymcd123 TMac, Truce & bro @hundy13 #DGR20/20 Ill always have your backNZrepresent yol my bros from my home town we soliiiiid 荊 @Conduct #BadConduct @masterofdisaster03 #MASTERofDISASTER MADlove MADDXFAM休毋仗ADDXlove 孑adlove to my most loyal trooper MADDxfam massive support @senzor THIS is the MADhattersQUEEN Her stray jacket is her fashion statement of pure mental mind trip contentshe's living her dream as a dirty rap pheen, Oh shes so obscene hah! EASTcoastFLOWstylez Atown HooD ARANUI C.quakecity DirtySouthNZ AOTEAROA underground! MADDXlove @Zstack my madbestie on this 歹手歹 I Fucken love you my Zking #ZStack MADDXZKING #maddxZking MADlove MADDXrespect & of course mostly my most biggest influence Iv grown IIV ya always will be my homie #organiacz @IIVRAPTOR #maddxteam CYPHERS iv jumped on take a listen #MADDABBERMURDER #TASTELESSCIRCUS 允儭 #dabbers2.5 #allblack #cyclecypher #beastmodecypher #madcypher #windigocypher


New Zealand AOTEAROA