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I am Saved in Jesus name! #BODYOFCHRIST @ST.XULT @CHRISTCENTRIC @POWERLINE @JOEFLOW007 AND EVERYONE ELSE IN OUR CREW Love to @lil_honesty and @coveredingrace Love to @jordan.Jacobson Must listen @ProVerseldy We are all the Best Rappers because we are all Blessed by the Best!! @Many_show my Amigo We are all uniquely talented Call me HIP (Hope is Possible! With Jesus) Please peep @joeflow007 I am Back with the Holy Spirit! Gotta love @BlackG6 he is family for life! Much love to @ChipoVectorBanda My family before we even knew but God knew the whole time #BODYOFCHRIST @dimez real one had my back from get go @McSeb_Sauce **** must listen

The Body of Christ

Kingdom of God🤴