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SUPPORTING ALL LOCO FAMILY Affiliated with #paradoxrecords #LOCOENT, #locolyricalhitman #lyrikaljuggernautz #loco4musik #lbkc, @SinistaSaber #DEATHROWBLUE @BigYo86 @KINGNOOPTIONLBKC @PaulSmith2420 @MzMack @EyE6FivE @ReRe2rEaL @9BlockLBKC #LOCOLYRICALHITMAN AND #LOCO4MUSIK. IM WITH ALL "#LOCO" FAMILY " @reaperskillzFor God[ so loved the world, that he gave his only Son, that whoever believes in him should not perish but have eternal life]. [John 3:16 ESV] wanna shoutout my brother in Christ @rockydagreat for always showing love, and supporting the movement. #locoent #loco4musik FAMILY. ALL GLORY TO GOD FOR EVERYTHING HE HAS DONE AND CONTINUE TO DO FOR ME. I also want to encourage everyone that is using RAPFAME, to keep pushing forward. You guys are awesome and I'm glad I downloaded this app. Keep up the good work producing everyone. 🎵💯🔥👍 If you like what you here, please FOLLOW, AND LIKE. all of your support is appreciated.. I'm here to try and grow, and help others grow as well. #teamwork.

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