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My name is Allen Benjamin Richard Agawa i am 28 if far from fake just trying to chill Chase my dreams it collected cake feel me the money I want to make the streets I want to run the Beats I want to kill everyday of my life is an obstacle therefore I am handicapped but I'm always down for whatever the hustle I have to the streets raise me I will not be Shady what don't underestimate the littlest gangster far from Wanksta you feel me I've been a boss ever since a young age did call me the ringleader this is not the life I wanted to live honest to God you can blame society because in high school I got kicked out for false allegations I was a role model to my peers my model was we go to school to learn not to mess around keep your home at home in your school at school but unfortunately just because I hung out with the rest of the the natives sorry Aboriginal students that I was an influence they said that I was starting again and they said I was selling drugs which let me add yes I did sell drugs at the time but I was deep into Tupac's I was stuck to the code of Thug Life honest to God I did not sell dope at school at that time anyway after that basically Crush my dreams I wanted to be like a influence someone who could talk to like troubled teens or something like that I guess in another life because after that I did start selling drugs saying f*** the police all that kinds of stuff you know hanging out with the crew at the time we call their self B.A.P Boston Ave Prodigies anyway enough of that though that was back in the day well actually is one of young Native got paid LOL now I'm back to the basics house arrest broke as hell Mama's Place so I'm just trying to do me nowadays i rep $.C.B $ault City Bizz(👑💸♿💯).... Trying to see where life takes me from you so all they got to do is keep it thug life baby Lil Ali G do what it do stay 100 for me

$ault City Bizz ($.C.B)

Canada, Sault Ste. Marie A.K.A STEEL TOWN DOWN (DA ZOO)