Beam me up 🔥

Beam me up 🔥


Beam me Up I’m hot like a Mac sauce I bet my bag A nigga gone jack off Green light go bitches be hating U know how it be on the low They say I’m egotistic But I’m just optimistic So now it’s fuck yo feelings It’s never competition Ugh I like it nasty Not talkin sex But the beat can get at me Ughh Beam me up Scotty just caught a body Hit on em Bobby ugh Do it like Ricky bitches Be tricky bitches b icky Ugh Where is my blicky Bitches be dizzy I don’t want the pity Ugh Clap back Barbie this or Barbie that Speak up say it loud Split splat u pussy cat Dig a grave right in yo face Keep up u bitches late Make it rain Like drizzy drake I keep spazzing No takin breaks Ugh Time to get ratchet Theif in the night Big booty bandit Ughh I got u pressed Mad cuz I’m fresh Like dugie Fresh Ugh I Hop on the mic I’m like a shark Under the water Ugh ready to bite Ready to aim All on my prey yikes Put in that work Pop me a perk I’m ready to skrt Ski on em Like ski mask I switch it up When I speed fast I keep it real And big facts Oh well if u big mad No shade But truth to dat the rap game Aint meant for dat Ughh Get out ya feels Who give a fuck I’m coming steal Ugh Nobody cares Dunk on these bitches Like Shaquille o Neal Ugh Rack city chick finna come and cop a baddie bihh Ugh This my shine This my time I aint having it Ugh Too turnt I’m gassed up When I’m flexed up U hoes b sickening It’s time to come get a check up Knuck if u bucking If it’s up Then Im all in Puff daddy I want the smoke U been a clown U been the joke Ugh Big stepping Fire shit I keep repping Ugh Love me or hate me U Keep checking Ugh Stay posted I stay grinding That’s Big blessings Ugh Talk that talk bitch Yeah U been stressing #beammeup2 #rapfame #RBHFVOL44 #RBHFRADIO35 #femalegoat #iamdestiny #splitsplat #stayposted #tooturntD #trap #hot #2021heat #baddieheat #rapgame #bigblessings #iamdestiny #femaleartist #beammeup #demontime #queenrebel #rebelresistance #notalone101 #yungprodigy #whotftoldyou101 #neveralone101 #baddbarbie #blackbarbie #barbie #iamdestiny #femalerapper


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Bars: Perfect 💯 Delivery: Perfect 💯 Impression: Perfect 💯

2 months ago

Bars: Dope 🔥 Delivery: Dope 🔥 Impression: Dope 🔥

3 months ago

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