Rapper Tag Vol. 24

Rapper Tag Vol. 24


Subscribe to his Rapper Tag playlist 👉 @barger #swift24 #RapperTag24 @dexidous @talksik1 24 hours In the cycle of day 24 flowers on my best friends grave 24 when he died a damn shame 24 bars that's all I'm gonna say 24 years old when I got married 24 beers in case got me wary 24 carrots thats pure gold 24th element that's pure chrome 24 otha thrones surround the throne Revalation says they had 24 crowns of gold 24 kobe Bryant he lost his life oddly 24 elements, make the human body 24th in brellys cypher who woulda guessed 24 letters exist in the Greek alphabet 24 rhymes I'm the 24 finder 24 music keys, 12 major and minor 24 inch rims on my daily driver 24th bits for full color in cyber 24 on the jersey, like Ken griffin Jr 24 points to make, like backgammon 24 the show with keifer sutherland 24th rapper tag coming to a close 24 to 25 let's see who I chose Dexidous your up hit em with that dope


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where MY tag 😂👈🏼

15 days ago

Here are my scores: Bars: 9/10 Delivery: 7/10 Impression: 9/10

29 days ago

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