Gimmie da Loop (FLEX)

Gimmie da Loop (FLEX)


Post Production/Mix: @uranium #gdl8 #gimmiedaloop #flex #flex808 #contesttrack #808 #ei8ht #philly #GradeA #hiphop  #sychronizedmindz #sm #rapfamebeast #moderator_en #bmbest #bmvideo #2k21 #2021fire #bmgrind #featurematerial #rap #bars #bmhiphop #rapfame #writernotrapper @rapfamebeast @moderator_en @bmbest @Grade_a Lyrics ⬇️⬇️⬇️ Gimmie the loop Gimmie the loop I'm a bad bad man Why flex with words When actions speak louder No bodies my keeper but me Vini vidi vici was a slave to syringes and drugs tried to control me It worked as long I let it Keeping tabs like parolee   That shits erroneous I'm only as lonley as loneliness Poems and podiums My condolences for peer custodians I opened it unbowed it Self loathing was my opponent Built motor drove it and rode it Owned it and now I'm over it   Well wishes Wisdom vs indecision Ambitious within my vision System of a down schism Abysmal let it fizzle won't be muzzled you wanna scuffle Subtle Rebuttles mumbled Missin pieces of puzzles   There's a bigger picture Said to be worth 1000 words Screen shots 1000 pictures Hope you men of your word Pen is mighter then knife in the back We told you the plan Like men shook hands We walk away you attacked   Yall flexing I'm kicking my feet up relaxing There's more than one actor Actin General assassin absent Drowning in absenth Delusional where is the captain Abandoned a sinking ship this what it's like havin asthma   Contradicting label Claim love but that's a fable Real fam support decisions Not Ex communicate them Luke 6:27 through 36 I Forgave yall But aint asking for forgiveness   I'll nuder any new diss (nudist) Coming at us like some jew diss (judis) Say I'm about the money When my loves is making music You knew this But you come up with excuses Every artist that you love Pushes units start a movement   No surprise in a glass case of emotion We came in peace at the beast To at least cease commotion don't need to put energy Into negativity Worshipping false Gods I take freedom willingly   Your Definition of real Or the one you try to sell Is real to an agenda Mine is real to myself If you can't stand this app Then why the hell are you on it Don't care about features either But why you putt the stars on it   Thats your stamp of approval Why not the stars before brag Funny it's only done After the mod gives the tag In that case I think you owe us a thanks Gold stars for prized pupils Helped you build up your rank   For someone so In sync To say you knew this was coming You did what you do best Stayed quiet and did nothin Passive aggressive No direction or intervention Think you can run this crew better? Got my doubts that you let him (led em)   Talkin bout supportin music Barley put out your own Only time i seen you writing Was in chat on your phone Hatin on artist When you know nothin bout thier hardships Judge an album by its cover If doin well theyre a target   We were your marksman Taking shots pre departed Subs in our own camp Plus the all the beef that you started Once upon a time Way before they monetized Watchin something I help build Slowly Die from the inside   not even flexing Cause i don't ever gotta Tough guys talk a lot Cause they all about drama I'm as calm as dahli lama Prepared like sun tsu Claiming my Alma mater But whos the ones schooling who   Its all about vexing full of shit like my intestines Cancer found in the culture Stage for(4) my final message Only shadows I'm concerned with inside xrays You aint the sun or the holy spirit Dogma creates shade   I aint Loyal just to be loyal Blindfolded by soil Sprung off own board Springs aint only things that coil Here I made you a hat With the little money I made Probably pick up good reception To hate on rappers in space   I aint even pissed I'm more disappointed I question but still supported People I became Boys with Is what it is You see a lines that divide sides At war with yourselves I chose to synchronize mindz Gimmie the loop Gimmie the loop I'm a bad bad man


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flex💥💢💯💯 Bars: Great 🎉 Delivery: Perfect 💯 Impression: Perfect 💯

6 months ago

Bars: Dope 🔥 Delivery: Dope 🔥 Impression: Dope 🔥

7 months ago

Bars: Perfect 💯 Delivery: Perfect 💯 Impression: Dope 🔥

8 months ago

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