Smoke session πŸ’¨ ft.shanell Tokyo

Smoke session πŸ’¨ ft.shanell Tokyo


Just a quick smoke session πŸ’¨ Mixing : @ymi_qc Y’all ain’t harder than me and bestie 😘 @nelly.valentine I pop on a bitch like I’m ditty U can get shot with these hands Like a blizzy My name in ya mouth. Wanna show out U can get thrown like a frizby I ain’t no gangster I knew that But I still want the smoke Like I blew that U say u gone pull up Bitch u broke So how u gone do that All on my pussy U dreaming Yours just worn out all for the season That’s why you mad yo nigga stay leaving They running a train They call for a meeting U stupid asf I see why you bleeding Being petty af all for no reason I got u heated that’s why I stay cheesin I’m like a python 🐍 gotta stay creepin (ugh ) These bitches show love I’m sick with the pen killing these clowns u know I’m on ten I Spoke on it once And Spoke on it twice Subliminally dissing I tried to be nice I stay on top And I put that on Christ This shit is easy like takin yo life Real rap shit I spit on yo mic Like the way I spit on his pipe When I’m on the stage U know ima rock out How u a thug but can’t even pop out bitches old school But aint u a drop out ? Pull out these bullets I’m giving u shots now Hit on em Left I give her a knock out Knock out them wrinkles Like cover them black outs bitches b ugh I’m takin the trash out U been ass Since for sum years now Ugh You dont really want the smoke Uhhhh You dont really want the beef Uhh All that big shit you poppin Uhh Come and do it in the streets Uhh If i fight a old hoe best believe nelly gunna get a lick Uhh U ain’t harder than me ugh and I ain’t talkin bricks ugh Special guest BFF Tokyo #tokyoXDestiny #iamdestiny #RBHFRADIO26 #RBHFVol35 #BarbieXTokyo #smokesession #doitinthesteets #rapfame #freestyle #femalegoat #2021 #new #hot #music #fire #traumasquad #bffvibez #howugonedothat #realrapshit #dropout


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4 days ago

Whooooo my girls πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ‘‘πŸ‘‘πŸ‘‘

5 days ago

swaggy as fuck

8 days ago

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