🔥WHO AM I ft Bandzz x Vigi🔥

🔥WHO AM I ft Bandzz x Vigi🔥


EDITOR'S CHOICE CLASSIC PLAYLIST🔥 Big salute to Bandzz and Vigi 💯💪🔥🧀 #whoami #jackturnah #barzallday @kingvigi #FLA #PlaylistReady #rapfame #moderator_ en BITCH WHO AM I, MIND YOUR BUSINESS I KILL EVERYBODY INCLUDING THE WITNESS x2


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Yessir 💯

2 days ago

like my new song addicted Independence day Bars: 10/10 Delivery: 10/10 Impression: 10/10

24 days ago

who am I snuck off the 3rd step early got the worm 730 flew mom's nest got that weed no sticks no seeds top shotta dun-dada AkA Dundee so glow pomade hitters can't shun me pop unknown mama's boy can't son me Same age first block got my pack stolen truth be told homie bit the bait copped a pair of kicks bud n movies with my babeskipped a couple steps dwell in a attic trap like 8m starving its a bottom feeders habit

1 month ago

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