Complicated ft. Omega Alpha

Complicated ft. Omega Alpha


✍🏽 Complicated 🎤 #thelionsdynent #complicated2 Shot out to @omegaalpha Shout out to @japanda for the mixing 👌🏽 Verse 1: I feel philosophical sometimes I feel diabolical everyday deal with all these obstacles it don't seem logical for the impossible To happen to me all at the same time But all it does is make me feel unstoppable You know that I gotta get it You know that I'm not really apologetic Head bumping like I got a headache no paramedic pain only if I let it I would never lose that's what I used to do This a new me I'm refusing to fail Turn my pain into musical melodies for you to listen to listen dude This is where I put all my aggression Sometimes I fail sometimes some progression I just keep rapping I think is obsession Take after take til I finish a session I think I'm crazy singing a melody I really be thinking that i need some therapy writing down rhymes to me is a necessity and then I remember


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dope collab

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Here are my scores: Bars: 8/10 Delivery: 8/10 Impression: 8/10 Bars: Great 🎉 Delivery: Great 🎉 Impression: Great 🎉

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