🇷ᵃᵖᵖᵉʳ 🇹ᵃᵍ 🇻ᵒˡ 1⃣5⃣

🇷ᵃᵖᵖᵉʳ 🇹ᵃᵍ 🇻ᵒˡ 1⃣5⃣


🇷ᵃᵖᵖᵉʳ 🇹ᵃᵍ 🇻ᵒˡ 1⃣5⃣(ʟʸʳⁱᶜˢ ʙᵉˡᵒʷ ⤵️) #RapperTagVol15 #RTv15 #gimmethat #Requested #keepitmovin #Officialrappertag15 #tatujesus #syla #supportyourlocalartist #rap #rapfame #hiphop #freestyle #barexamz #brooklyn #2021 #2022 #new #moderator_en #fu intro This is the official rapper tag one five Had to snatch the mic or it wouldnt survive No lie It aint the alpha or omega Meaning its not the first or the last But with bargers blessings To me this he passed He started by gettin malcom to flex Who passed it to a real king who got chubbz to go next Who got trez who then got breeze to bless Then ddr hit the tag on his veteran shit Who tagged livy who bought in philly Who bought in Quan to flip Then it went to the bars the beast in yonkers Who passed it to a kidnapped rapper Who then went bonkers Hittin hard no bunker Japanda shouldve known better than to pass it to ivry A cypher I liked it but it he didnt know what to do Claims no advisory He supposedly Tagged talk sik but he dropped the ball quick So here we are on the fifteenth Squad asked me to snatch the tag From underneath So it's time for me to go spastic To bring this challenge back home I'll do it enthusiastic No sweat I'll Drop another classic Matrix I bend ya gymnastic Straight Gorilla Tactics Im Astronomically astronomical Change up possibly possible Origin blood tropical Unstoppable a Chronicle Im Diabolically diabolical Highly philosophical Phenomenally phenomenal Adaptable Capably capable Relatedly relatable Education educational Mostly unavailable Truly irreplaceable never traceable Blunts to the face Unlaceble Vocational Im sensation Sensationally Sensational Highly confrontational Triple trey commandments unlocked Neva scared to blow the spot Come on ack Yea I'm flippin Trippin Pimpin Rippin Grippin Never quiting Phenonmaly spittin Head spinning Uncommonly written Purple forbidden Highly driven Triple piston To only a few I listen Olympic yea I hold the torch Searching for the next candidate to scorch Rapper tag relaunch Talk sik tag withdrawn Call me spawn Rapper tag carried on yea Im Taggin uranium elemental He'll purge Rapper tag online murder on the verge outro #RapperTagVol15 #RTv15 #gimmethat #Requested #keepitmovin #Officialrappertag15 #tatujesus #syla #2021 #supportyourlocalartist DONT FORGET TO SUBSCRIBE TO @BARGER RAPPER TAG PLAYLIST TO STAY UPDATED


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6 months ago

love your vibe....

7 months ago

Yeh outta the music I lost I killed this beat good yo Yeh IAM going to go in gotta come outta this depression IAM already on 13by my self &IAM not serious show me some love twin what I got now is freestyle but starting today IAM going to start going in left u a couple of likes always rep Brooklyn let me know if u ever need somebody to help u I get busy for my bros Bushwick &BEDSTY babyking7mfdirty

9 months ago

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