I’m Not Trippin’ 🎧 📲 🔊 👾 Written and recorded by: TooSense A Lord Truth Production @w0ketruth A “SteddyLiife Challenge” SOLO (Remix) With Cover Art By: @Sonofthesouth #ImN0tTrippin #trippin #contest #1 @moderator_en #putmeon #bmbest #contest #bmvideo #moderator_en #rapfame #2021 #hiphop #rap #SWF #staywoke LYRICS: I’m not trippin I might be trippin Nah I’m not trippin / Okay got a hell of a buzz Cocaine that’s a hell of a drug I saw a shadow fly by from the side of my eye but god damn I high couldn’t tell what it was Been up like 3 days straight 2 tabs to the face And I hate the taste Jake said that they might be laced But I don’t feel shit yet so they might be fake Dunno what’s in this cup But I’m soaking it up My throats so dry I just don’t give a fuck There goes my lunch I’m throwing it up Like I’m reppin a set With a vest and a pump I think I’m Zooted Just keep it moving Try to blend in with the rest of the humans Got an Eighth of that sticky Let’s Roll it up quickly Go smoke it with Vicky And both of her tittys Hold up what did I just say She heard that too Oh that’s just great Them just jokes girl I’m just playin But that ass is fat girl im just sayin Is that mace she spraying Please stop yellin My face is melting This room is spinning Them shrooms just kicked in I can’t stop grinning But I’m not trippin / I’m not trippin But I might be trippin Nah I’m not trippin Yeah I think I’m trippin Nah I ain’t trippin Those walls ain’t drippin Like all them women in the kitchen taking off they clothes ain’t hoes And they ain’t strippin I ain’t trippin // Okay let’s rotate Who got my keys After party at Jake’s Jump in my Jeep We can get baked The system is straight it just ain’t got no breaks Then Vicky said: “wait Did I hear you say Blake? I think I know him Mind if I roll with? Okay thanks this place is so lame These guys are Too old to be throwing a rave Can you buy some beer? Can I ride in shotgun? I heard you might some molly And I really want some I’m kinda drunk Do you have a bump?” Uh can somebody tell her to shut the hell up Hit the freeway I’m flyin shouldn’t be driving But I feel so alive and These lights are so Vibrant Just a couple more blocks I’m swerving a lot From the pills that I popped And the bourbon I shot Stopped at the light I’ll be alright Don’t want any more Henny The rest of the night Radio blarin Kanye in Paris This ain’t no McLaren So why is y’all staring Are we almost there yet Cuz there goes your parents Think we about About to go viral now Here comes a Karen: “You gotta be kidding You guys were flying You look like your trippin You should be driving” // Bitch I’m not trippin So why you trippin Cuz I’m not trippin But there go the five 0 So duces I’m dippin’ /// Wow I’m so faded Some how we made it Parked on the curb Had to swerved on the haters Pull on the square Another Demension They know we here So let’s make an entrance Walked thru the door Like I’ve been here before opened a can Pour some out on the floor My bad I’m spacin My heart is racing What’s this laced with It’s fucking amazing Is this outer space Can you see the bass I can’t feel my legs and the walls are all shaking Whole other plane Embracing the wave Just sway to the song That the DJ is playing Don’t look at his face I think it’s mutating There’s so many shapes and They all look like aliens.. Hey there goes Jayden Talking to Jason Eww wait what are they saying The white girls got wasted Now all of them naked Back at uncle sams basement Oh well I guess We shouldn’t have left But we all seen a Brest So just put it to rest Damn it my head hurts Don’t like the pressure Hide in the bedroom Do lines off the dresser Jump back in the shits Like I’m in it to win it Y’all got me sippin so come on let’s get it Might flip like a gymnast But don’t get it twisted Or ever forget it I said I’m not trippin /// I’m not trippin But I might be trippin Nah I’m not trippin Yeah I think I’m trippin Nah I’m not trippin Just can’t stop grinning At both those women In the kitchen having sex with them midgets dressed up as some chickens ..ohhh wait yes I’m trippin’. ————————————— #stayw0ke ———-


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what happen to stay woke they went ghost but bro your still ripping shit up

6 days ago

i like

15 days ago

congratulations 🎊 on ur win

17 days ago

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