Ive been known for a bit of a “Silver Tongue” before. Here’s some more exclusive stuff before the album is fully together. (An even more rare exclusive remix is possible) Thank You Everyone. Enjoy. Written, Perfomed, Mixed, & Mastered By: SWF eXo Art By: @crayrae 👈 Go follow now —————————————————— Sub or follow whatever, where ever. 😂🤷🏼‍♂️ IDC #SilverTongue #STXO #SilverSpeak #MetallicMouth #SilverTongued #SWFEXO #VandalMob #eXo #VandalsOnly #YallRememberX #PutMeOn #FeaturedMaterial #FeatureThis #BMBest #BMHallOfFame #BMLegend #BMFire #BMHeat #BM2021 #6Vandal #POTW #POTWMaterial #PicksMaterial #INMOBWETRUST @moderator_en @RapFameLive @MC2Squared —————————————————— Silver Tongue Lyrics Roughly Nobody up on my level. Like I broke the stairs when I got there. Made a deal to dance with the Devil. I dont even think God cares. Life is a Merry Go Round, but you know its not fair. Might bury you on this ground, you know trap like Im settin up box snares. You know, Im in the field. Only be keepin it real. Holdin it down, Im just tryna hide my tail. I got people tryna get me killed. Like woah, hold up, if you so hood how come nobody showed up? If they did, you so pussy, probably offer me soda. So many bodies they got me thinkin mafucka you must have a quota. So many copies of me on the street it aint the same, already told ya. Sick of the actin, theatrical rappin. Write somethin better, and stop all the cappin. Im the leader of a killer faction, every track got my feet tappin. See my chest, Im the team captain. Badass, with a bad accent. Got a battle axe, and Im swingin fast. Silver tongue and I spit acid. Silverback, gorilla war. Claim you stack, but you really poor. Better watch who you gunnin for. Gunna have your body as some floor boards. Still starvin, this the fourth course. Spread your body over four shores. See them shells on your front porch? Ima light you up, and then pass the torch. Gunna have to get you split like a divorce. Cut your body into shorts. Been here before. Ima God mafucka you be thinkin Im Thor. I bring the heat up from the Earths core. Like Woah, its hot in here. Thats cause Im in this bitch. Let me stop you there. This line is militant. X2 Nobody up on my level. Like I made the game and aint drop it yet. Im the alpha male in my kennel. The rest of yall is just house pets. Got that beat deep in my chest. I dont need me regrets. I dont need me no fake friends, Tell em all get a vest. Better get dressed in your Sunday best, Ill resurrect the beef this is your second death. Dont you recollect how I break some necks? Aint impressed you just feint and flex. Now you walk around like you dangerous, shacanerous, still got that fade you bitch? Im made of this, you what a hater is. This a masterpiece and I painted it. Yall back burner, like theres pain in it. King wet you down thats called reignin it. Yall know he fire whyd you play with it? You get cremated by the flame of it. Yall got me feelin like I babysit. Im so heated bout to rage and shit. Im undefeated underrate me quick. I say anything I get you baited bitch. Gotta vendetta against anybody thinkin the better, never you better shhh get your life severed. Ima vet with a baretta, cut your head up, when Im fed up. Im a mafuckin TRex better put the pen up. Jurrassic, you just tragic, Im the devil you another Roman Catholic or a Baptist. And the fact is Im too accurate, I could flick you in the forehead make you do a backflip. You dont ever wanna be the target goin at with a throwin axe. I aint holdin back. I told you that. Only hold a gat that go brap, that so facts, gotta ho pack to go at that Ghost smacked, So sad, that whole crew is so trash, And they get no pass, so damn slow, I blow past, your broke ass, no gas. —————————————————— Sincerely, SWF eXo


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so good at what you do bro it's amazing

17 days ago

The cadence is meticulously immaculate . You got skills homie! I’m a fan 🦍❤️

21 days ago


29 days ago

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